Sunday, January 11, 2009

International Perspectives on Technology Transfer session

If you missed the Sunday sessions sponsored by the T2 Committee and the International Affairs Committee you missed an technology transfer treat.
Organizer John Munro, FHWA brought together T2 experts who exhibited wide ranging perspectives, by mode, country and technology transfer perspective.
Some immediate takeaways included:
  • Some in transportation call their strategic plans “road maps,” but the FAA calls theirs “flight plans.”
  • FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center certainly looks “outside the box” with plans for an office park near their headquarters, which will enable close collaboration with potential partners.
  • The best way to cooperate is to determine the most important needs.
  • Critics have an important role in technology transfer efforts.
  • We need to find and use ways to make technology transfer collaborative efforts legal.
  • We also need a variety of agreements to accomplish technology transfer.
  • Although all countries have similar needs, local applications of global knowledge is necessary.
Thanks to John and co-organizer Nelda Bravo for a thought provoking session. --- Lisa Haakon Pogue

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