Monday, March 23, 2009

Just for Fun????

Usually I would share this for a Friday when we all need a little help to get to the weekend but it was just too good to wait.

How many times have you heard all the excuses for not trying anything new? Listen and view this presentation about a Web tech guy and an angry staff person in "An Exaggerated Tale" by Michael Edson, Director of Web and New Media Strategy for the Smithsonian Institution. Then use the comments to tell us how many similar reasons you've heard in your experience.

Emerging Technologies in Social Networking

This was the title of a fascinating session at this year's TRB annual meeting. Go to to the link above to view the presentations on using Web 2.0, Flickr and Second Life to exchange information.

Critical issues

Also, be sure to add your 2 cents to the discussion of critical issues in transportation in the previous post.

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