Thursday, April 30, 2009

Call for TRB papers - get yout social networking on

Several TRB committees (including Conduct of Research, Technology Transfer, and LIST) are collaborating on a call for TRB papers related to social networking technologies. Here’s an overview:

How Social Networking Advances Research, Technology Transfer and Information Exchange – There has been a rapid change in technology used by individuals and groups to communicate electronically. Social networks may be defined as participants drawn together based on a common element or interest. Differences from past networks and other forms of electronic content include the speed, scale, structure and extent of communication within the network. Many of these technologies can provide new methods to coalesce and engage communities on research questions, technology application and sharing information across traditional organizational and disciplinary boundaries. It could include the use of social networking from the building of virtual research centers to improving communication of research results. What are examples of using social networks in transportation research from the identification of research needs through the transfer and sharing of knowledge? What are benefits and barriers to the use of social networks?

August 1 is the deadline for paper submissions, so get researching and writing.

Paper submission site

While you're thinking about social networking search for the T2 Committee on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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