Monday, April 20, 2009

News from TRB

TRB to emphasize communications
Effective communications have always been an important part of the success of TRB standing committees. With travel budgets being cut, robust communications portfolios are more important than ever. During 2009 each committee has been asked to review its communications portfolio during 2009. The T2 Committee will take a look at how we communicate, what works and what doesn’t, and what new communications we should include in our committee’s portfolio. Any volunteers?

TRB will be giving each committee chairs the opportunity to appoint a communications coordinator to work with TRB staff and other committees to enhance the communications portfolios. Committees with exceptional use of new technologies/communications will be identified and asked to document their "tools" and to share best practices with other committees. If you are interested in serving as communications coordinator or on the committee let the co-chairs know.

2010 TRB Annual Meeting planning underway

The spotlight theme for the 2010 Annual Meeting is “Investing in Our Transportation Future - BOLD Ideas to Meet BIG Challenges.”

Addressing critical and cross-cutting issues

The TRB Technical Activities Council (TAC) requests that TRB committees give increased emphasis to the TAC "Critical and Cross Cutting Issues," by spending at least one hour each year discussing the Critical and Cross Cutting Issues and/or your own list of critical issues.

By spending some time on these high level issues, we hope to heighten our awareness of high level issues and ensure that awareness is infused in the work of the TAC, committees, sections, and groups. (FYI – The T2 Committee is within the Policy and Organization Group and the Research and Education Section.)

See our request for critical and cross-cutting issues in a previous blog. Also, check out teh discussion in LinkedIn. Are you interested in critical issues? Volunteer to lead our effort to get more of our issues into the system.

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